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The solution is: 
MCLOADER communications program
By using MCLOADER communications program you have possibility to replace
the magnetbandmachine with IBM compatible PC in case of knitting machines
UNIVERSAL MC-6XX (610,611,612,613,220,222,640,642,643)

The MCLOADER program allows to fill in, to repair , to edit the knitting file
*mc6 to any text editor/ Norton Editor, DOS edit, NCedit,.../  as any other textile.

Beside the knitting file you can store an information's file under the same name, with an extention *hui, *uki, *gri,*spi, where hu means hungarian, uk means english, gr means german, sp means spanish information's.

Recommended software min DOS 3.3
Recommended hardware min 386 SX 4O MHz

In order to simplify the operations with files, the programs Norton Commander,
Volkov Commander are useful.

 MCLOADER is a shareware, not a freeware.

 The self unpacking files please DON'T START WITH MCLODEMO.EXE on  the 
 Hard  Disk  (winchester!C:\)
 First you have to copy it to a floppy, then you can start from the floppy
 the MCLODEMO.EXE self unpacking file, and you can make a install floppy by
 answering "yes"(y) to the questions.

 Then read the readme.txt file and follow the instructions concerning the installing 

 Because of the program's protection you can load only knitting file less then 5 kB by 
 demo version!!! (Size of one casetteside is about 180kB)

 Of course the registered program version you can load any knitting program of even 
 two casetteside long.