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                                    MCLOADER communications program

                                 MCLOADER is a shareware, not a freeware.

By using MCLOADER communications program you have possibility to replace
the magnetbandmachine with IBM compatible PC in case of knitting machines
UNIVERSAL MC-6XX (610,611,612,613,619,220,222,640,642,643)
The MCLOADER program allows to fill in, to repair , to edit the knitting
file *.mc6 to any text editor / Norton Editor, DOS edit, NCedit,.../
as any other textile.

Beside the knitting file you can store an informationsfile under the same
name, with an extention *.hui, *.uki, *.gri, *.spi, where hu means hungarian,
uk means english, gr means german, sp means spanish information's.

Recommended software min DOS 3.3

Recommended hardware min 386SX 4O MHz

In order to simplify the operations with files, the programs Norton Commander,
Volkov Commander are useful.

                                Settling the program MCLOADER

1/ Put into your PC the settling floppy of MCLOADER.
2/ Give the name of your floppy drive (a:\) then type in:INSTALL and push



3/ Please answer the questions on the screen, and settle the program.
As last step, copy the knitting programs with extention *.mc6, and the
information's programs *.hui or *.uki or *.gri or *.spi to the subdirectory



The program MCLOADER can be started by mcd.bat


Sometimes please run correct.bat.

                                   Using of program MCLOADER

F1 - help
Give you information's about active keys and other information's

F2 - submenu
A - Using help
B - using calculator
C - change for mainmenu
M - Settling system parameters
If you wish to use another language as settled, you have to change the codename
of the language on the second line of the systemparameter(hu/uk/gr/sp)
F2 Subprog                             M. System parameters
MONO/color monitor            MONO
Language (hu/uk/gr/sp)      :   UK        HU UK GR SP
Primary printer    :  CON   :    ->
External screen saver        :
Waiting time  [s]                 : 480
Minimum drive cap.  [kB] : 4096
Floppy drive                       : A
Voice      (0/1/2)                  : 1
Screen lines(25/28/43/50)  : 25

F3 - Mainmenu
A -  PC >> MC 6XX
Knitting programs loading from PC to knitting machine

  F3 Mainprg 
  A.      PC  >>   MC-6XX
  Serial port         : COM1
  MC6\PROB10E7.MC6 >> MC-6XX
  Bytes :  ?/ 1963

Please follow the instructions for program loading on the knitting computer.

(SPEI START?; S-LADEN?; BKEN MC-611; FEINHEIT E07; NR 41/1010; ...)

B -  MC 6XX >> PC
Knitting programs loading from knitting machine to PC

  F3 Mainprg 
  B.     MC-6XX >> PC 
  File                : MC-6XX 
  F3 Mainprg 
  B.     MC-6XX >> PC 
  Serial port              : COM1
  MC-6XX >> MC6\PROB10E7.MC6
  Bytes :  ?/ 

Please follow the archiving instructions on the knitting computer.

(SPEI START?; S-ARCHIV? BKEN MC-611; FEINHEIT E07; NR 41/1010; CODE 333; ...)

D - file >> recorder
Knitting programs loading from PC to tape-recorder

E - recorder >> file
Knitting programs loading from tape-recorder to PC

G - Knitting program directory
In knitting program directory you can find the knitting programs with
extention *.mc6, size, date of file, and a description of 42 characters
about the program mad by you.
After choosing the knitting program you should push ENTER, then you can
scroll the information file containing the info's needed for knitting.
               File                                  Date                            About 
 PROB10E7.MC6         1963     1998.04.25     MC-610 E7/8 Test pattern 
 PROB40E7.MC6         4050     1998.01.25     MC-640 E7/8 Test pattern 

H - deleting knitting program
Saying  YES  to the question on screen the program deletes the file.

I - Editing description
  F3    MC-610 E7/8        Test pattern           Edit comment 
  PROB10E7.MC6                     :    MC-610 E7/8   Test pattern

After pushing ENTER programs offer a window where you can describe the
knitting file.
We wish you great success to the using of the program, and if you have
any further question, don't hesitate to contact us, by E-mail.