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prob40e7.uki  Test program informations file in Mcloader

                                                 MC-640 e7/8 test pattern
Yarn carriers: FFL: base 3,4,5,6,8                FFR:

3 - 1st colour
4 - 2nd colour
5 - 3rd colour
6 - 4st colour
8 - choosing

Stitch cams:

F1 - schema-z
F2 - beginning line
F4 - 2/l patent
F5 - transition between the patent and pattern
F6 - pattern

Program knit a square of 8 needles s wide, because the modelling platinum
has 8 feet. The location of the trouble determines the malfunctioneng magnet,
belonging to the given numbers platinum foot.

Double stitch - slow function of magnet
Missing stitch - contact trouble

The colour of the square shows the work unit.
In case there is a problem in the paires line, the trouble is when going from
the right to the left, if it is in the unpaired line, the trouble is when
going from the left to the right.

The program tests both the enterior and the posterior needlebed, and after
the patent it begins with the anterior needlebed.