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Frequently Asked Questions

     Q.: How could the knitting files be sent and received in case of e-mail or modem                          connection?
     A.: First the pattern designer prepares the knitting programs on his model computer                type MA-5500, than he saves it to a cassette, and after that he loads it to a PC with the
Mcloader program from a magnetbandmachine. (e.g. prob40e7.mc6)
After that he writes the necessary data for knitting to a text file using any editor program.
(e.g. probe40e7.uki)

     Sending files in case of e-mail connection:

The sender writes a letter in his mail program ( e.g. Exchange, Eudora ). than attach the
knitting file  and the information file and send it to the receiver partner.
The receiver partner copies the attached knitting file and information file to the
 MCLOADER/MC6 subdirectory.

     Sending files in case of modem connection:

The sender copies the knitting file and the information file to the terminal program into the Send subdirectory. ( e.g.: Comit, Terminal90, ect.)
The sender phones the receiver partner, and asks him to set the terminal program for receiving mode.
After finishing the telephone conversation, the sender chooses the receivers name in the directory of the terminal program.
After the modems established connection with each other, the sender sends the files to the receiver partners by choosing Z protocol.
The receiver copies the files to the MCLOADER/MC6 subdirectory.
  Q.:I do not know how to open the files with extensions *.mc6 and *.uki ?
  A.:I suppose that you use Windows 95 operating system.
On the monitor in the desk left top corner you can see the icon my computer.
Please step into the menu view/settings/files type/new type.
Files with extensions *.mc6 and *.uki have to bee opened by wordpad.exe .

Otherwise, these files are not necessary to bee opened it is enough to copy then into the MCLOADER/MC6 directory.